Root, RELEASE + Rise 300 HR YTT with Jennilee Toner, Anton Mackey and Bizzie Gold

Designed to GROUND you into the traditional Roots of yoga while RELEASING old paradigms and limitations of the transformational arc of yoga, RISING into the leadership role of a modern day yogi.

We teach you to integrate the ancient and modern to embody the evolution of yoga. Rooted in traditional practice and philosophy, our 300 HR training guides you through a transformational journey to help you rise into your leadership as a modern yoga teacher. Throughout this training series, you will understand the connection between ancient yogic principles, scientific anatomy and modern movement techniques. Upon course completion, students will no longer think in a compartmentalized way about the application of yoga. Teachers will release the desire to segment or align with a singular yogic path, instead embodying the evolutionary arc that is yoga.


2019 Scottsdale, AZ

Unit 1 9/27-29 Anton Mackey

Unit 2  10/25-27 Bizzie Gold

Unit 3 11/3-9 Jennilee Toner

Unit 4 1/17-19 Jennilee Toner

Unit 5  2/16-22 Anton Mackey +  Bizzie Gold




Unit 1

 Back to our ROOTS: review of yoga philosophy and movement anatomy. We focus this unit on intentional sequencing for beginners and advanced practitioners. Salutation variation creation, adjustments and assists will also be covered during this unit.

Unit 2

In this 3 day unit, we explore ancient practices of reading the physical, energetic and emotional bodies to apply asana in a HOLISTIC and INDIVIDUALIZED way. This unit also delves into PRF [proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation], deep core and abdominal anatomy and the restorative practice DEEP.  

Unit 3

This unit is a deep dive into embodied anatomy (body reading, muscular imbalances, fascia), meditation, and yoga philosophy. Seated meditation twice a day, anatomically-driven pose-specific two hour flows, and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita will be studied and discussed. Service Practicum preparation will round out our week.

Unit 4

Service Practicum presentations and feedback, meditation and yin-style self-care yoga practices, and introduction to Teach A Workshop Practicum. Much time given for partner exercises and group teaching.

Unit 5

This final unit brings the group together as colleagues to demonstrate their workshop development skills. This unit will also cover the concept of holding space and how to infuse spiritual depth to your classes in a meaningful way. We will also cover advanced asana practice and instruction.


Pay In Full: $4900

Deposit $650 + 4 Payments: 2 payments of $650 [units 1, 2 +4] and 2 payments of $1600 [units 3 + 5]

** if paying by unit, payment must be received within 24 hours of start time and will be collected via email invoice