LEVEL UP - Monthly Training + Mindset Motivation Program

LEVEL UP is a monthly group training and mindset motivational program led by Buti Yoga Staff.

The program is designed to put your internal transformation at the forefront of everything we do. When we transform your mind, the body and soul will follow to achieve both physical and holistic results. As a group, we will teach you how to set goals that help build your confidence instead of making you feel like a failure. We will also give you the proper tools to make LEVEL-UP a sustainable lifestyle.


  • WEEKLY WORKOUT SCHEDULES to keep you on track to achieve your goals. Choose the right track for you from Beginner to Advanced.
  • KITCHEN STAPLES + MEAL PREP TEMPLATES. In addition, access our entire resource gallery.
  • WEEKLY meal planner to keep ALL of us working toward our healthy lifestyle as a group (cheat sheets included for families with kids and individuals needing smaller portions).
  • ACTIONABLE goals + learn useful tools to stay COMMITTED.
  • ONLINE COACHING to get your MINDSET right!
  • TRACK PROGRESS using body + health-positive METRICS to reinforce your healthy lifestyle choices.
  • MEMBER-ONLY discounts on meal plans + Golden Ratio Supplements.

Membership starts at only $26.99 monthly.

No monthly commitments. Cancel Anytime.