Buti® Certification
Buti® Certification
Buti® Certification

Buti® Certification

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Buti® Certification is a unique opportunity to Connect + Thrive with students and inspiring yoga + fitness instructors from around the world while diving deep into the Spiral Structure Technique and learning to apply it to our unique dynamic flow sequence. 

Be brave with your life, and join us for an unforgettable experience that will deepen your Buti practice on - and off- the mat forever.  


- Join aspiring instructors and passionate Buti students from around the world in genuine, powerful community. 

- Delve deep into the Spiral Structure Technique™, it's application and how to apply it to our dynamic flow sequence

- Build a strong foundation in yoga cueing, adjustment and modification - to prepare for adding dynamic variations to poses and sequences.

- Learn how to properly sequence a Buti® class using dynamic variations + sequences that fit our class guidelines.

-Tap into your own inner strength, creativity + leadership to lead your own Buti Tribe  

This certification includes 2 full days of instruction, demonstration, and testing with a Buti® Yoga Master Trainer. We recommend being either a certified yoga instructor OR having a consistent yoga practice of 2+ years before certifying.

Students with an AFFA, NASM or Yoga Alliance certification will be eligible to receive CEUs from their respective certification organization.






Salt Lake City, UT | 10/6-7 @ Core 7 Fitness South Jordan, Salt Lake City, UT (Jordan)

Lebanon, OR | 10/13-14 @ Hollywood Studio, Lebanon, OR

Cullman, AL | 10/27-28 @ Elevate, Cullman, AL

Bonita Springs, FL | 10/27-28 @ Joyful Yoga, Bonita Springs, FL **(SOLD OUT)**

Solana Beach, CA | 11/3-4 @ The Movement Lab, Solana Beach, CA

Cleveland, OH | 11/3-4 @ Mystic Yoga Tribe, Cleveland, OH (Mentor)

Seattle, WA | 11/10-11 @ Hot Feet Fitness, Seattle, WA

Salisbury, MA | 11/10-11 @ The Cure Studios, Salisbury, MA

Manhattan Beach, CA | 11/10-11 @ The Well, Manhattan Beach, CA

Miramar Beach, FL | 11/10-11 @ Grand Fitness, Miramar Beach, FL

Lafeyette, LA | 12/1-2 @ Down Dog Fitness, Lafeyette, LA

Detroit, MI | 12/1-2 @ Starseed Yoga, Detroit, MI

Oak Park, IL (Chicagoland) | 12/15-16 @Yoga Loft, Oak Park, IL


Albuquerque, NM | 1/5-6 @ Forever Yoga, Albuquerque, NM

Denver, CO | 1/5-6 @ Rhythm Revolution, Denver, CO

Spokane, WA | 1/12-13 @ Abide Yoga Collective, Spokane, WA

Cypress, TX | 1/12-13 @ Empower Studio, Cypress, TX

Woodbridge, NJ | 1/12-13 @ Pole to Pole Fitness, Woodbridge, NJ

Atlanta, GA | 1/19-20 @ Keep It Moving Yoga and Barre, Atlanta, GA (Douglasville)

Boise, ID | 1/26-27 @ Authentic Yoga Idaho, Boise, ID

Calgary, AB | 1/26-27 @ Peak Cycle, Barre, Hot Yoga Inc. (Chestermere)

New York City, NY | 2/2-3 @ B MVMNT, NYC

Walla Walla, WA | 2/9-10 @ YWCA Studio, Walla Walla, WA

Newport Beach, CA | 2/9-10 @ Newport Peach, Newport Beach, CA

Eagle, CO | 2/16-17 @ Yoga off Broadway, Eagle, CO

Sudbury, ON | 3/16-17 @ Zen Studio Sudbury, Sudbury, ON

Plattsburgh, NY | 4/6-7 @ Langlois Racine Dance Studio, Plattsburgh, NY

WANT TO HOST A TRAINING? Contact Brittany Hodgen Britt@butiyoga.com


The total cost of Buti® Certification is $725*. To reserve your spot today,  place a non-refundable $375** deposit or register in full with one payment. 

All payments are non-refundable. Trainings subject to location changes within 20-minutes. In order to receive your training manual, you will be required to sign our license agreement, sent to you prior to certification day to be signed electronically. If you are unable to attend the certification course you've registered for you can apply your deposit or full payment to any future training.

*After certification, a $19.99/month Instructor Tools subscription must be maintained while you are teaching (Instructor Tools includes: TONE Online, Monthly Instructor Sequencing and Marketing Materials). You are not required to re-certify to maintain your teaching eligibility once you have attended a Buti® Certification.

**Final payment will be collected 3 Business Days prior to the Training Date.