Buti Certified Studio Booking
Buti Certified Studio Booking

Buti Certified Studio Booking

Regular price $19,500.00

Becoming a Buti Certified Studio gives you the competitive edge in a MASSIVELY oversaturated fitness market. Our Certified Studio Program gives you a PRIVATE 4-day certification for your entire staff that includes ALL of our signature programs:

  • Buti Yoga ®
  • Hot Buti ®
  • HotCore ®
  • DEEP
  • Buti Flow ®
  • Buti Sculpt ®

Upon successful completion and signing of our Certified Studio Licensing agreement, you'll be able to add the Buti® logo and registered trademark to studio signage. Your $19,500 investment includes a 1 year license fee of $2,500. The $2,500 would be due again the following year of contract renewal. Buti Certified Studios MUST offer ALL formats. Buti class offerings must comprise 70% of weekly class schedule. Owners may choose to distribute our 6 class formats at their discretion to make up the 70% total. Your total investment includes your Buti® approved website completely built-out and ready to accept payments. (* you will have a monthly recurring fee between $79-129 depending on the monthly service you choose).


For becoming a Buti® Certified Studio, you'll receive the following from us:

  • Private certification that includes all 6 award-winning formats
  • Featured studio mention on the TOP navigation of our website
  • Access to our PR staff for events, appearances + promotional efforts
  • Wholesale accounts for our nutrition supplements + apparel at discounted rates
  • Pooled national advertising campaigns for ALL Buti® Certified Studios
  • Pooled social media advertising for ALL Buti® Certified Studios
  • Invitation to Continuing Education Retreats for Buti® Certified Studio owners + staff
  • Included access to our Instructor Tools Portal
  • Affiliate codes for Buti Yoga Online Classes + Meal Plans for studio clients

Have questions? Contact Dom Castronovo: Dom@ButiYoga.com