Q: What DVD do you recommend for beginners?
A: We recommend our Dynamic Flow DVD for beginners, as it features breakdowns of the core Buti movements.


Q: I’m having trouble downloading my digital files
A: Typically trouble downloading digital content is due to the quality of internet connection. Ensure you are connected to a high-quality wifi signal before attempting your download—as our system does limit your download attempts to (5). We recommend that you first download your content using a desktop computer or laptop NOT a mobile device or tablet—and then sharing it across your various devices. We have found downloads work best when using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Q: My streaming videos keep buffering, how can I fix this?
A: All Buti streaming content is set to automatically play at the highest quality (HD) setting. Depending on the strength and speed of your internet connection, this setting may cause buffering delays. You can easily control video quality to meet your needs by clicking the “HD” button and selecting an alternative option. We have found that videos work best on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Q: Why does my subscription say “Unfulfilled”?
A: This is an automatic shipping notification and since we cannot ship your subscription it will remain labeled as “Unfulfilled”

Q: How can I cancel my subscription? 
A: You can cancel your subscription anytime online—click here for instructions.Alternatively, email clientcare@butiyoga.com to cancel. 

Golden Ratio

Q: What type of Collagen do you use?
A: We use a grass feed Bovine Collagen

Q: Can I use Golden Ratio while pregnant?
A: Yes. While we always recommend consulting your doctor before starting a new regimen, many customers have loved Golden Ratio throughout their pregnancy and beyond (including Bizzie Gold) 

Q: Is Golden Ratio Vegan?
A: No. The Golden Ratio is 100% Grain Free, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free, but it is not Vegan.

Q: Is Golden Ratio made in a Nut Free and Wheat Free Facility?
A: “Golden Ratio is processed in a facility that also processes milk, soy, nuts, and wheat.”  While we do segregate ingredients and clean machines thoroughly after each run, we still advise customers that there may be unintentional cross-contact between major allergen-containing and allergen-free products.  That said, Elite Manufacturing & Packaging does implement an allergen control plan and comply with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices in an effort to eliminate cross-contact.


Q: How long is each day of training?
A: Typically, Buti Yoga, Hot Buti,  Hot Core, and Buti Sculpt certifications go from about 9:00am-8: 00 pm. 200 HR RYT certification run from 8:00am-8: 00 pm each day of training.

Q: Will there be a lunch break during training?
A: Yes, lunch breaks vary from 1-1.5 hours.

Q: What is required to pass a Buti Yoga certification?
A: You will be required to prepare a 15- 20 min demo on the weekend of training. Master Trainer will look for correct form, all elements of the core curriculum, and instructor presence.

Q: What if I don’t pass?
A: If you do not pass your demo on the day of training. You will be asked to send in a video demo as an alternative.

Q: Does 2 years of Yoga experience mean that I have to be a Yoga instructor before enrolling in a certification?
A: No, you do not need to be previously certified in order to take a Buti Yoga certification. For the best advice please call customer service.

Q: I just purchased my certification and then a promotion was launched, can I use the discount?
A: No, we do not issue retroactive discounts. Keep an eye out for future discounts!

Q: Is my deposit/ payment refundable?
A: Deposits are not refundable but ARE transferrable. We do not issue refunds but will happily credit your account for any future trainings and any modality. Your credit will never expire. 

****This applies to all of our trainings, except immersions. These deposits and payments are non-transferrable or refundable.

Q: If I make a deposit and pay my balance 30 days before a training do I qualify for the early bird rate?
A: No. In order to qualify for our Early Bird rate payment must be paid in full in one lump sum.

Q: How do I make my final payment?
A: Typically, customer service will email you an invoice 3 days before the training. If you’d like to pay before then please emailclientcare@butiyoga.com or call (480)361-4633