Online Sculpt X Bands Certification

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This training offers  instructors an "add-on" class to boost their Buti Yoga marketability. Each class sequence (Buti® Bands / Buti Sculpt®) fits into a 30 minute class slot offering students convenient fat burning workouts that maximize functional core strength and prevent injury. These class styles are ideal to attract students otherwise intimidated by traditional Buti classes or build-onto your class offerings with HIIT and resistance training to enhance overall market reach. Training will include: manual, instruction, anatomy + physiology, injury prevention / at-home protocols, modification, class sequencing and testing.

MEET BUTI® BANDS is a HIIT-based resistance training workout targeted to LIFT + SHAPE your BOOTY while toning + strengthening the hips. Bands are utilized during high-intensity intervals to challenge the body through all planes of motion while targeting the hips and booty through lateral engagement. During low-intensity intervals, students move through static yoga poses to release the muscle group targeted during the high-intensity interval.

Arguably the most fun you can have rounding, lifting + shaping what you’ve got: Buti Bands targets the booty, hips and lower body. You'll challenge your entire body, improve muscle engagement & stability. Resistance bands & H.I.I.T allow you to do it all in a 30 minute workout.

  • Master proper resistance band alignment (NO SLIPPING!) 
  • Learn moves to effectively target all the muscles of the booty
  • Stabilize the hip flexors and build strength & flexibility
  • Sequence H.I.I.T classes that activate cardio benefits for up to 36 hours

Buti Sculpt® builds long, lean muscle mass using a HIIT (high intensity interval training) - based formula seamlessly blended with static yoga poses to stretch and release the muscle group used during high-intensity round. HIIT workouts kick the body into a heightened metabolic state + optimizes the body's ability to burn fat through maximum heart rate + maximum effort and these effects can last up to 36 hours post-workout 

HOW YOU'LL CERTIFY: Material will be taught through interactive lecture and physical demonstration. Any lectures will include visual slides so you’ll be able to follow along on, LIVE on screen. Upon completion of presented webinar content, students will have 3 weeks to turn in video demonstration.

DEMO + CERTIFICATION: Based on our grading rubric, you will receive a "pass" or a chance to submit additional demonstration. As a company, we do not believe in 

failing. However, we do uphold strict grading criteria and will make sure you receive support from a team member to successfully pass your demo.

GETTING REGISTERED: Once you purchase for your training & sign your licensing agreement,  we will send you:

  • Your Bands + Sculpt Training Manuals
  • Training Registration Link
  • Access Instructions

Training includes manuals and all content, Bands are not provided (BYOBands) 


August 14th, 2021 [8am- 8pm PST]
November 20th, 2021 [8am- 8pm EST]
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Future Live Trainings: As an online Buti Bands X Sculpt graduate, you will qualify to audit live Buti Bands X Sculpt trainings in the future, at no cost*.

Prior to receiving your training manual, you will be required to electronically sign the Buti Yoga license agreement. After certification, a $19.99/month Instructor Tools subscription must be maintained while you are teaching (Instructor Tools includes: TONE Online, Monthly Instructor Sequencing and Marketing Materials). You are not required to re-certify to maintain your teaching eligibility once you have attended a Buti® Certification.