We're excited to shine the spotlight on this month's Master Trainer - Nani Berger. Nani left her job in finance to become a full-time Buti instructor and Master Teacher Trainer. Buti helped her find the purpose and passion she was missing from her previous career. The lessons she learned from Buti about confidence, leading and being empowered are all the things she loves to teach and share with her students everyday.

Learn more about Nani in her spotlight feature below.

Q: How has Buti been transformational in your life? 

Purpose and passion. My fitness journey began as a hobby in college and turned into a passion for teaching group classes. I worked full time and taught several classes when I could squeeze them in. I loved it. Yoga was a personal practice and passion, I even became a 200 hour certified instructor for the education, but thought I would teach it. To me there were too many words to explain as a teacher and I connected to the silence and breath. In training I could get people into yoga postures with physical and activation cues but felt uncomfortable and inauthentic when asked to express and include feeling cues….I didn't know or want to presume to tell someone what they should be feeling. Enter Buti. I saw Buti as a class when I was coming to a friend's studio and I looked it up online. 10 seconds or less… music + yoga flow + dance ...yes! I knew immediately, that's me. I signed up for teacher training, my first class and experience was at the certification and I felt at home. Buti combined all the things I loved about fitness and became a beautiful, powerful release. I was able to connect my feelings to music, body movement, and breath. I realized thru the practice of Buti that I was completely comfortable and confident expressing myself through my body rather than with just words. There is a magic moment when nothing needs to be said with the beat of the music and the release of movement that makes us connect to ourselves and others. With Buti I let go, found clarity, found the emotional and feeling words to teach yoga. I saw myself as a teacher, saw teaching as my purpose and I left my finance job to become a full time fitness teacher. 

Q: Why//How did the Buti Community resonate and become so important to you?

I identify with leading others only as far as you've lead yourself. Some people have an impression of Buti based on the physical appearance of the class where people wear short shorts and sports bras. Yes this can be seen but to me it's the beautiful, unshakable confidence protected from the inside out.

The practice is physically demanding and we sweat a lot so logically less clothing helps, but really we want you to see the muscles working, and feel beautiful in your own skin...any shape and size.

I see showing your core and belly as a release of judgement and expectations. Removing the layers mentally and physically of what we should be to what we are. Beautiful in the moment, beautiful in this body, now.

Q: What's your favorite part of the Teacher Trainings?

When each person fully embraces their personal power. At the beginning of a training I see the passion, dedication, nerves, and desire but… there is a moment when a butisattva actually sees their light...believe in themselves...and truly lets go of the distractions. All the sweat, tears, laughter, and muscle fatigue melts away as they step into their power, seeing their strength and self love.

Q: When Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Master Trainer?

Buti Yoga 200 YTT. I was asked what my goal was and I had to think - do I have one? I already finished college, left my accounting and economics life for teaching, and didn't have a set direction but wanted to grow with Buti - so in that moment I set a new goal, be a master trainer. 

Q: What are your goals for the next 6 months to a year? 

As a trainer it would be great to bring trainings to more international locations. And personally my focus is to complete the Buti 300 hour YTT. 


Q: What are the things that HQ or Buti have you pumped for? 

The focus on intention. As a fitness instructor I teach muscle awareness + engagement and movement with purpose. When we move there should be a intention, purpose, and understanding throughout the body from fingertip to toes, in each arm and leg, even down or up to the smile.

Movement is fun, movement is healing, movement creates energy and the amazing, powerful part when we understand how and the why to connect movement with intention. Buti Yoga is a sweat with intention experience.

I am excited we are focusing teacher trainings on the core fundamentals of how and why we move. 

Q: What Is It About the Buti Community that You Most Connect With?

All we need is within. Buti is an empowering practice that helps people reestablish a relationship with themselves.

Q: How Does Buti Play a Part in Your Future and The Direction You’re Heading?

I will continue to teach certifications and be a mentor. It's been an amazing opportunity over the years to create and support so many new leaders, teachers, and trainers in the community. Now is my time to slow down, give myself the love and energy I've poured out, and get back to my personal own Buti. 



September 7-11, 2020: 5 Day Certification Immersion [Online] 

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18 October, 2019


This is so inspiring!! I LOVE everything BUTI. I have fallen off of my practice, need to dive right back in. Thank you 🙏🏻

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