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August 17, 2017


A Grounded Spirituality Check-In:


Lion’s Gate & Eclipse season are upon us and we’re knee deep into the spiritual ISH. The time of year tends to bring out the woo woo in even the most grounded of people. Everyone’s senses seem to be a little bit extra LIT. 

So how do we cope?

Heads go into hiding, escapism, and avoidance. Some wander to the astrological charts. The intuitive ones go scanning the clouds; sorting through psychic predictions or immersed in ritual and ceremony. Emotions, memories, strange serendipitous encounters, and déjà vu experiences are par for the course. The energy seems frenetic because it is. Coming off the past year, the intensity this go around is magnified.

About this past year:  tough yet fluid. Juxtaposed, if you will. Its ever-changing, unpredictable, and pivotal temperament set it up to serve as a catalyzing transition year. Many found themselves being rooted and then rerouted, continuously changing course and direction without a clear path or trajectory. Break ups, big moves, job changes, shake-ups in family dynamics and sudden life interruptions were common themes.

This type of uncertainty can breed instability. Chakra alignment breaks down at the root:  identity constructs and social belief systems go into flux.   For those who fearlessly dedicate themselves to their own expansion and evolution; 2017 has been particularly unnerving.

And so, this season we find ourselves stepping out of a metaphysical and metaphorical storm. The fog is beginning to lift and we wonder “How did we even get here?” Even more so, “how do we find the strength to continue to move forward when we’re not even clear which direction it’s in?” 

It’s disorienting and the path still isn’t laid out pristine. It’s alright to wonder “WTF is happening”. Only one thing is certain: To move ahead we have to be ok with letting go.  If you haven’t already, now is the time to dig deep into the personal work.

2017 was the year things didn’t go as predicted and they didn’t go as planned. Our certainties became unsure and our safe spaces became unfamiliar. What we knew and held as absolute truth was revealed as being subjective to the waves of expansion. Timelines that we built for our future were just as quickly destroyed or overturned. Let it go. All of it.  The realities you knew as concrete for yourself no longer exist.

You’ve mastered the mirrors and new ones are coming in. Make way for them by falling away. Give up any lingering story you’ve been holding onto. The old won’t serve you where you’re heading.

And where is that, exactly? As cosmic waves flood into Earth’s space at unprecedented rates, our potential reality rapidly swells and unveils. It feels like a great fall, but this is also the Rise: the two are happening simultaneously and in tandem. The best part is that you get to choose your side.

If you feel the lifting you’re being called to lead. It’s all happening, and it’s happening right now. There’s no more time to play small or stand behind the curtain.

If you choose the Rising, where you’re going is far greater than anything past.

You’ve seen glimpses of it in fleeting moments already. Trust that it’s real because you feel it in your heart. It’s okay that the seed is small and seems obscure or undefined. It doesn’t have to make sense. Don’t doubt it just because you can’t place stock in the physical evidence.

Understand that it can’t yet be fully realized because it’s different than anything you’ve ever perceived before. It feels uncomfortable and somewhat blinding, but when it’s all said and done: it’s a simple leap of Faith. Be unwavering and unshakeable in it. What you need to know is that it IS and WILL BE. Lean in to the strangeness of New and let it all unfold.


Trust, belief, and giving it up to your Highest. These are the steps that will deliver you to a place that feels like Home.  No matter what it takes or how the road twists and turns: you’re getting there. There: A space of love and alignment. Filled with your true path, your real purpose and sanctified connection.  A space where Karma falls away and dharma aligns. Your chord of inspiration is direct and you create in the flow of the divine vessel you’re put here to be.

It’s coming and it’s already here. Guard your soul and keep your feet on the ground.  Stand tall, travel light, rise & become.


Here for the Lightworkers,

Bella LaQuatra 

Neria Collective//@bellalaquatra



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